How it Works

NJAFP's PreventT2 Program is currently free for all participants.

A doctor's prescription or referral is not required; however, participants must meet the criteria for eligibility. Click here to see the criteria.

Our program is online and on-demand, so you can complete learning modules when you choose - weekends, nights, whatever works for your schedule.

The next PreventT2 program will start on March 7, 2022

Schedule for the first 6 months (subject to change)

First 6 months

Weekly activities help you move quickly towards healthier habits and keep them going.

Each week you will be expected to:

  • Complete a learning module video: Watch on your phone, tablet or computer.  There are interactive questions but no tests or grades! Modules are less than 1 hour, and you can pause and resume. Each module must be completed within the week assigned.
  • Track and submit your weight & activity: This helps in reaching your goals. You will keep track of your weight and minutes of activity and submit your numbers to a private area on our learning website - only you and your lifestyle coach will be able to see it.

Coaching is an important part of the PreventT2 Program and we have two options. Group sessions will be held online where participants can share their experiences and questions with each other and the lifestyle coach. Some people don’t like talking in a group or may have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to attend, so individual coaching is also available.

Choose the type of coaching that works best for you!

Second 6 months

Monthly activities will help you maintain what you have accomplished or help you in reaching your goal if not there yet. There will be 1 or 2 learning modules per month, you will continue to track and submit your weight and activity data, and coaching sessions will be provided.

Cohort 1 Schedule Mar to Aug 2022